Jewelry Buying Kansas CityAs gold and silver prices have seen and will continue to have steady increases.  Now is the ideal time to go through your gold and silver jewelry, diamonds, old coins and sterling silver ware or tea sets and bring them to the foremost authority in jewelry buying in Kansas City, Toner Jewelers.  Toner Jewelers has been buying jewelry and other precious metal items for over 30 years.
Whether you want funds for a vacation or a necessity, or if you are downsizing and cleaning out your home, bring our items to the Toner Team for valuation and current gold and silver rates.  While rates for gold and silver are at all time highs, prices fluctuate from day to day and we cannot predict which way they will go tomorrow or next week.  Keep track of the market and when you have decided the time and prices are right, we will give you our best prices of the day for your valuables.  We will prepare the most attractive offer of anyone else who is jewelry buying in Kansas City.
How to Value Your Valuables
Gold is measured and value established by its purity.  Troy ounce 24 karat gold is considered pure gold.  A smaller the number of karats means the percentage of pure gold is lessened.  For example, 18 karat gold is 75% pure.  14 karat gold is 58.3% pure and 10 karat gold is 41.7% pure.  The price of gold is established by weight.  One troy ounce of gold is 31.1 grams.  Taking all of this into consideration, our qualified professionals for jewelry buying in Kansas city will help you determine the weight of the gold that you have and give you a quote based on the price of gold for that day.
Silver coins are also a great source of extra income.  Silver coins are worth much more than their face value.  The content of the silver in coins is in alignment with when the coins were minted.  Coins with the following dates have the highest silver content and will bring you the best prices
  • Dimes, quarters and half dollars – 1964 before
  • Silver dollars – 1935 and before 
  • Clad half dollars – 1965 – 1970 
At Toner Jewelers, we also offer our loan program if need financial assistance and you have valuables that you are not ready to sell.  We will provide a structured agreement and your items will be securely stored.
Locals bring their unwanted, broken or mismatched gold items into the community’s leading jewelry buying experts in Kansas City. Toner Jewelry pays more for your gold items and offers the best deals in the city for pieces no one else will buy. With gold and silver being at an all time highs, there is no time like the present to cash in your gold jewelry.  Contact us today at 913-663-3092 or visit our location at 6285 West 135 Street, Suite 310, Overland Park, Kansas.  Our quotes are free and no appointment is necessary. Jewelry Buying Kansas City
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